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Whether you dine at a casual taco stand or a trendy haute-cuisine restaurant serving a new twist on an old favorite, Mexican food offers something guaranteed to please everyone. More »

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I told a very handsome and clearly successful guy last week that I wasn’t free for a date because he was 11 years younger than me. It was the cutest mix of incredulity and petulance. Actually, all my friends think I’m mature for my age and don’t patronize me.”I can’t bear the thought of him secretly watching the horror show as lines reach out from the corners of my eyes and the hair above my ears turn silver. More »

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If I was penniless and needed to change that today, I could name a few things I could do. Get an agreement for a period of time to allow you to market and sell that domain. It takes the same amount of energy and time and expense to market gold as to market pigeon shit. Why would anyone in their right mind keep choosing Pigeon Shit? More »

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Chatrandom Gay Chat is an amazing way to meet men or just kill some time because it's so easy and fast to connect with other guys from all over the world. More »


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The coins for purchasing stickers can be either bought or earned in a totally honest vote. Here you will find easy-going sweet talking through web cam. More »

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I also love just taking off in the car and going exploring. More »

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Olivia’s answer to my question can help any dude or lady who tries their hand at internet dating. I mean, two random digits are better than just tossing out a “Hey,” or an alarmingly creative “Heya,” right? ” fellow kinda intrigues me, like if you opened his email it would just go on listing a bunch more racket sports. And only Well gang, I hate to say I told you so, but — actually, no I don’t. If I haven’t responded to your second attempt, I’m clearly not interested. More »

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Como es una zona en continua expansión, Luís ha creado un mapa para ir localizando sectores. Hay mucho por abrir, si alguien se anima puede pasarnos la información y esta guía seguirá creciendo. More »

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She also appears in various Mexican commercials during her young ages, including the Mexican furniture store Viana, during mother's day. Following the break up of RBD, she signed with Universal Music and announced that she would begin recording as a solo artist. More »