Bender amy dating

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Bender amy dating

Hi, I'm Malfunctioning Eddie and I'm malfunctioning so badly I'm practically giving these cars away! My parents promised if I got all B's they'd buy me a bar. A man with an accent introduces himself to Amy.] VICTOR Hello, I am Victor and I know many things about the art of unloading fine cars on beautiful women.

Sarah candidly explained her motivation for being in the competition, stating: 'To run a marathon in Dad's honour would be amazing. Even though I'm 32 and my dad died when I was 18, I don't think the pain of it really truly goes away.'Shannan asked whether Sarah's father would want to see her like this, to which she replied 'No', racing even harder on the exercise bike.[Behind the heads the curtain opens and reveals a car showroom. The recall notice says it could burst into flames in a low-speed collision. [She taps his ass with a rolled-up newspaper and it bursts into flames. [He walks into Malfunctioning Eddie's office.] LEELA Amy, you don't go up from the sticker price. [Through the office window, we see Victor say something to Eddie. Victor comes back out again.] VICTOR He is not too happy. Amy and the others drive back to the Planet Express building. Fry and Leela walk past Hermes' office.] HERMES (from inside) And now you're asking for a day off? The salesman, a robot called Malfunctioning Eddie, points to a car.] MALFUNCTIONING EDDIE Values like this brand new Plymouth V'Ger! FRY No wonder you've been staying at the back of conga lines lately. Amy, Fry and Leela recoil in horror.] [Malfunctioning Eddie's Showroom. As Bender plans to steal the crown of a Robo-Hungarian prince, Fry and Leela question the depth of their relationship, and Amy would very much like to begin unhealthily eating out of control again.But when it turns out the professor's mind switching machine cannot work on the same two people twice in a row, the plot spirals out of control as Planet Express and then some begin using the machine for their own nefarious purposes.

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FUTURAMA Episode 210 "PUT YOUR HEAD ON MY SHOULDER" By Ken Keeler Transcribed by Dave, The Neutral Planet [Opening Credits. So how much were you thinking of spending on this Thundercougarfalconbird? SALESMAN I understand and it's wonderful you don't care whether anyone questions your sexual orientation. [He gets back onto the platform.] MECHANIC Alright. And when it does, I just pray you're not moonin' someone you care about. Amy and Leela look under the bonnet of the Beta Romeo's.] AMY Smeesh, Leela!