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Some argue over what constitutes a legitimate “dox” because of how freely available personal information is online, but at Crash Override, we use the following definition:“Doxing is the act of publishing someone’s personal information, of which there would be a reasonable expectation of privacy and dubious value to the conversation, in an environment that implies or encourages intimidation or threat.”This includes information that may arguably be easy to find, such as a home address from a Who Is lookup or personal photos from Facebook, so long as it is wielded in a threatening manner - for instance, tweeted at someone in response to a disagreement.Doxing is less about the availability of the information, and more about the way it is used to intimidate or harass a target.

BOTH: [laugh] ALEX: But the reason we’re talking about it is because we have a story this week from producer Carla Green. What it actually did was convince the French government to distribute a 0 computer to every French household with a phone number.

Somewhat like ' OMG', ' WTF' is used when an alarming event just occurred, or some unexpected and disturbing news was just conveyed. This expression is used in personal conversations where the two parties are well acquainted.

This expression is commonly used to ask for the other person's opinion, or to check for their comfort level with the situation.

Of all forms of online harassment we observe at Crash Override, doxing is one of the most prevalent due to its relative ease and high emotional impact.

For harassers, the pathology behind doxing is about rationalizing oneself as “blameless” for pawning off personal information for others to harass with.

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But what the Minitel lacked, crucially, was a feature so integral to today’s internet that sometimes we don’t even notice it. So not long after its release – a teenager who was never identified, as the story goes – hacked the Minitel and added a messaging feature. And since they liked it, usage of the Minitel increased. So France Telecom integrated chatrooms into the Minitel’s design.