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Does the fact that they have been poor for generations mean that their IQ average is low because they are poor or are they poor because they have a low IQ average?

I found the figures to be presented in a non-racist manner myself, though if I have missed something please advise. Given that most of the lower ones are African nations I wonder if poor nutrition through drought after drought would affect IQ overall.

Simonton's study analyzed the results of varied and often subjective historical material using the tools of historiometry. Bush second to last since 1900, with an estimated IQ of 119 (the estimates ranged from 111 to 139).

It estimated IQs for all US presidents, and validated the headline of the hoax, which stated Bush's was the lowest of any president in the last 50 years, though it estimates his IQ considerably higher (by more than two standard deviations) than the 91 suggested in the hoax report. Bush's estimated IQ was less than those estimated for Grant (120), Monroe (124), and Harding (124).

While social skills have a major impact on a person's income within a country, they have little effect on national income. Your "quite interesting" phrase is much more subdued than what most people write.

Other big factors in income are a person's social skills and ambition, together sometimes called Emotional Intelligence. Sloan replies to a question on low African IQ's: Ken, you and many others have commented on national IQ findings.

Making someone laugh is the trickiest job in the world. Coffee, Chocolate, and Men - some things are just better rich.

Thus, a good sense of humor is always appreciated for its worth. If I could arrange the alphabet, I would put U and I together!

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