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Both characters are cool, calculating beauties who treat sex as liquid currency, and get into trouble when they break their cardinal rule of remaining emotionally uninvolved.

Those who confessed that they feel the department is not managed well as a whole numbered twice as many as those who did.But both are slender, observational narratives, melancholic comedies of manners that view the world’s moral bankruptcy through a needlepoint scrim of taste and fashion.Between Pfeiffer and Grey, of course, there’s no question as to who is the better actress. But by merely staying afloat as Soderbergh’s lead, while sustaining a vacant intrigue, Grey gives the more startling performance.Friend is indolent and sleepy-eyed, with lips like ripe plums.The actors strike the correct notes, but the tone of the film is all over the place. If you are not familiar with the source material, a May/September romance about the power and powerlessness of love, will you understand from this film that the seriocomic story is one of literature's great tragedies? On the page the narrator's tone is clearer than it is on-screen, where images dominate dialogue.

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The tale of the childless courtesan who, in her retirement, essentially adopts the fatherless 19-year-old son of a colleague succeeds in attractively framing the lovers' poses but not in conveying their inner transformation.

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