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Alarm Clock with Tunes Free – A state-of-the-art Digital LCD Alarm Clock for your i Pad with built-in Alarm Sounds & Buzzer. Big Calculator Free – Big Calculator Free was designed to take full advantage of the i Pad screen offering a large display and a paper tape to keep track of your calculations. Rotate to Portrait mode to fill the entire screen with just the calculator.

Choices – Have you ever been in a situation where you can’t make up your mind on something?

Highly requested by parents as the app has the potential for inappropriate live video.

Reddit is a social app that has many great categories to explore.

To this end, I have put together a list of 22 apps to do just that!

Given a few weeks off from work, I find myself fighting the summer battle between personal todo lists and keeping up with blogging and technology trends.

There have been quite a few digital album deals I have had to pass on due to insufficient time to locate, assemble, and upload images to a site and then organize said images into a digital album ().

When we talk about for i OS is a very faithful port of that original PC version, so you'll probably be able to come to understand what all the brouhaha was about -- if you decided to give it a download. You can easily explore new cultures and people from all over the world. Azar allows you to meet someone new at the turn of each swipe.Instantly block and unblock selected apps on your child’s Apple i Phone, i Pad, i Pod touch, or Android Samsung mobile device.Get peace of mind from having your child spending too much time using an app or playing a game, and disable age-inappropriate selections.

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Do you always have trouble making your own decisions? Just press one of the Quick Choice buttons and Choices will make up your mind for you!