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He also describes the battle of the sexes in the human and animal world over parental care, and why sex differences in the genetic value of parental care provide a biological basis for the all-too-familiar different attitudes of men and women towards extramarital sex.It didn't happen via internet dating, picking up in bars, or speed dating – fads from the prehistoric past. Technology and app dating on smartphones have changed the world’s dating landscape. In between there's been tragic dates, new friends, and a bit of heartbreak. It happens because of The MISBAC Strategy – it's what I use on the dance floor. From a weird, wild, and wonderful year on Tinder, here's what I've learned..." READ MORE "I loved the book. The dating game has changed, and if your thumbs can do the chat dance, you will flourish in The Age of Swipe. Get your copy of details Jarosky's dating stories, it also provides rules and strategies so both men and women are equipped with up-to-date dating techniques. And its steps are easy to learn and employ for every man and woman from Sydney to New York..London to Hong Kong.

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The Evolution of Human Sexuality is a 1997 book about the evolutionary development of human sexuality by Jared Diamond. Diamond addresses some peculiar aspects of human sexuality.