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There will also be a 'fall in sun protection' hence the burning. Leaving your sunscreen baking in the sun, whether it's on the beach, or in the back window of your car, may trigger degradation of the formula, and that renders the product useless. Just remember if in doubt, chuck the old stuff and pick up a new bottle - we know sun cream can be kinda spenny, but it's worth protecting your skin no matter what.

All sunscreen products are classified as over the counter (OTC) drugs and are regulated by the FDA.

Although you can keep leftover sunscreen from one season to the next, like many things (see: lunch meat, socks), it won’t stay fresh forever.

Regrettably, my tube of Jurlique Sun Specialist SPF 40 High Protection Cream was still idling on the kitchen table all the way back in Brooklyn, where I’d left it in my frenzy to get out the door.

My dad, a noted sunscreen connoisseur, offered me the pick of his personal stash, which would have been a godsend if not for one thing: They had all expired years ago. When questioned, my dad insisted that expiration dates on SPF are “bullshit.” This is patently untrue, and also explains why he always gets sunburned.

Most sunscreen manufacturers say that sunscreen is effective for three years, so long as the product is stored in optimum conditions. ] But people often take sunscreen to the beach, leave it in their hot cars or stuff it in their backpacks while outdoors.

When sunscreen gets hot, its components break down faster, making it expire sooner than it would normally, maybe even in six months to a year, Imanidis said.

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After all, that Piz Buin sure as hell ain't cheap, or, is it time to make a mad dash to Boots? We hit up cosmetic dermatologist, Dr Mervyn Patterson from Woodford Medical, to find out - once and for all - what's the deal with sun cream going bad? And most importantly, how do you know if it's expired? So that's all well and good, but what if you've thrown away the box - and with it - the expiration date?

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