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The oil was now making its way towards a stream at the bottom of the garden, which in turn, lead into the sea and a public beach.

Our loss assessors decided that in order to avoid any environmental disaster, it would be best to demolish the house and floor slab.

Treacle Events were selected by Minds Eye Media to supply Brand Ambassadors for their Living Social Campaign at several major London tube and rail stations in 2011.

In October 2015, SFF decided that the model currently used for strategic stocks needed to be varied.

The model that SFF currently have for storing emergency crude oil is an outdated model based on the experience of sanctions and is not currently best international practice for the holding of strategic crude oil stocks.

It leads to loss of personal dignity, in addition to making us financially dependent. Vaccination also encourages the moral and financial dependence of Third World countries. In this regard, the former President of the World Bank, former Secretary of State in the United States, who ordered massive bombing of Vietnam, and member of the Expanded Program on Immunization, Robert Mc Namara, made some very interesting remarks. A couple of years ago, Reuters reported: ‘An illness similar to AIDS has killed 60,000 in the south of Sudan. Families, whole villages, have disappeared This illness, the Kala-azar, takes the form of a fever and toss of weight. The vaccine of hepatitis B seems to be the choice of authorities to accomplish this goal.

It draws us into the vicious circle of sickness (fear – poverty – submission) and, in this way, ensures the submission of the herd so as to better dominate and exploit it. It perpetuates the social and economic control of Western countries over them. Vaccination camouflages the real socio-political problems of poverty of some due to exploitation by others, and results in techno-scientific pseudo-solutions that are so complicated and sophisticated that patients cannot understand them. As reported by a French publication, “j’ai tout compris”, he was quoted as stating: “One must take draconian measures of demographic reduction against the will of the populations. The symptoms are the same as those of AIDS The immune system is deficient and one dies of other infections.” It is obvious that Africa, particularly those countries in the center and to the south, contain fabulous resources that have always incited westerners to crush their inhabitants to take over their riches. Yet, this vaccine is manufactured by a process of genetic manipulation.

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The couple returned to the house to find that 1060 litres of heating oil had escaped from the tank.

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