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First single from the album, double platinum This Is Who I Am debuted at #1 and retained pole position for two weeks. The single, Mr Mysterious features Multiple ARIA Award winner Seany B.Debuting at #6 on the ARIA chart the single climbed to #4 in its second week and achieved Gold status.I’m actually touring America, I don’t have time to pose for a photo of something someone thinks I’ve done. We’ve worked hard to keep a reputation as a pop act we like to think is making a difference because it’s not a disposable thing.Jess continues on to tell the interviewer that she wants to keep her personal and professional lives separate, as she felt she was “too open” in the beginning of her an Australian singer-songwriter and recording artist.Her combined album and single sales have reached over 2 million worldwide.That sound was recorded at the legendary Willie Mitchell’s studio in Memphis Tennessee where Al Green recorded most of his best work.

The songs for this well thought out collaboration, written with her producer and mentor Eurythmics Dave Stewart, were put together slowly over a period of three years while Vanessa re-invented herself in many ways, bringing her closer to the woman she always strived to be: strong, confident and an artist in charge of her own destiny.

Jess: That was the most ridiculously degrading thing to say.

If a celebrity doesn’t come out and make a statement about their sexuality they’re a ‘‘fake lesbian.” What happened to privacy?

In August 2012, Amorosi announced she was no longer signed to Universal Music.

When Amorosi was four, along with her younger sisters Mellissa and Natasha, she would go to tap, jazz and classical ballet classes, which were being run by her uncle.

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